Materials needed for the foley session

Self-contained Quicktime Files

  • 1080HD resolution (1920x1080)
  • self-contained (with no external references)
  • timecode window-burn at the top of the frame inside the video-safe area (if the window-burn is at the bottom of the frame, the footsteps and flooring surfaces may be obscured)
  • 2-pop and tail-pop with corresponding video reference on each reel
  • H.264 Codec
  • Guide audio embedded in the quicktime (preferably with the music, effects and the dialogue on separate tracks)


  • CMX 3600 format
  • video-only edit list (no audio tracks in the EDL)
  • to be used for cueing the session

Session Notes

  • please let us know what we will not have to cover
  • please clarify any particularly ambiguous or offscreen actions that are needed, but are not apparent in the guide

Session Setup Information

  • sample rate, bit depth, frame rate, and pull up/down (if present)
  • if possible, please provide a screen-shot of your Pro Tools Session Setup window